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Can I connect a wireless router to my cable Broadband service?

Yes you can easily set up a wireless connection to your Broadband service.

To set up an in-home Wifi connection you will need a cable broadband router. Cable broadband routers must be fed the internet connection via ethernet and so cannot be used with ADSL USB modems. Cable broadband wireless routers will need to be connected to your supplied cable modem via an ethernet cable.

There are many manufacturers and vendors, whilst we endeavour to provide general guidance and assistance in connection and set up, unfortunately we are unable to provide expertise on all makes and models and recommend you refer to your manual or contact your vendor or manufacturer support line.

You can find some common settings and problems that you should be aware of at

Manufacturer Web Support Phone Support
3Com 1800 553 117 (Freephone)
Belkin 00 800 223 55460 (EU Freephone)
D-Link 0044 207 365 8440 (UK)
Linksys 0044 870 739 3939 (UK)
Netgear 1800 453 019 (Freephone)
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